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Reconditioning OEM engine spare parts have a certain circularity within, where we don’t let good materials go to waste. As the quality provider we offer these items at reduced prices.
Check below for the current reconditioned OEM items.

Apart from the reconditioned parts we have also some slow moving new OEM engine spare parts in our stock which we offer at reduced prices as well. We will update these every month. If you would like to receive the update, you can fill in the form.

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    W32 113001.2 Reconditioned piston CP Componenta Pistons type

    In stock: 2

    W46-111004 Reconditioned connecting rod lower part with class approval

    In stock: 8

    WV32 100097 2 Main bearing shell lower 10-mm. undersize

    In stock: 15

    WV32 111004 14 Big end bearing shell upper 2 mm. undersize

    In stock: 25

    W32 165076.1 Valve

    In stock: 151

    W46 111024 Reconditioned connecting rod upper part with class approval

    In stock: 5

    WV32 111003.1 O profile connecting rod fully reconditioned

    In stock: 12

    WV32 113025 31 Piston fully reconditioned by official workshop Mahle type

    In stock: 18

    W32 165076.1 Valve

    In stock: 92

    W46 125004 Spring suitable for valve adjusted at 240 bar

    In stock: 780

    WV32 111003.2 H profile connecting rod Class approved fully reconditioned

    In stock: 4

    WV32 100096 2 Main bearing shell upper 1-mm undersize

    In stock: 15